Leave-In Conditioner

Maintain a healthy-looking scalp and
hair.The benefits to your
hair and scalp are enormous.
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Customer reviews and
testimonials are
provided for
informational purposes
only.Customer reviews
and testimonials reflect
the individual reviewer's
results and experiences
Results may vary
based on individual user
Since I started using
this nutritive co wash,
I have received
multiple compliments
on the softness,shine,
and overall appearance
of my hair.It has
improved the look
of my hair,it
stopped a lot of the
breakage I was having

Michelle R Miami FL

My hair hasn't looked
this good in a loooong.
It's sleeker,and way
shinier than it has been
in a long time.If you
have dull,dry hair,I
would really
recommend this.

Trudy H Red Lion PA

LOVE this product.My
stylist was shocked when
she saw what great
condition my hair was in
the last time I saw her.I
have very fine,thin hair,
and this does not weigh it
down at all.

Crystal B Tobyhanna PA

This shampoo does
what it says for
damaged hair.It is the
best shampoo out
there for dry damaged
relaxed hair.I know it
fixed mine.When I
started using was dry
and brittle and
breaking.I almost
decided to get a very
short haircut,因为
I didn't see any way of
saving it.This shampoo
together with the
conditioner and
treatment has saved
my hair.My hair is now
medium/long and
healthy-looking and I get a lot
of compliments on it.

Cecille S Delray Beach
Relaxed Hair Shampoo
Relaxed Hair Conditioner
Heat Finishing Hair Spray
Leave-In Conditioner
Pre-Wash Hair Treatment
Protein & Vitamin Hair Treatment
Customer reviews and testimonials are provided for informational purposes only.Customer reviews and
testimonials reflect the individual
reviewer's results and experiences only.Results may vary based on
individual user
This is the best product I have ever used on my hair.I leave it on for a few minutes and rinse out with cold water,which
helps to seal the hair cuticle.It gives my hair a great smooth,soft,silky look.

Diana J Brownsville TX

My daughter and I recently purchased the relaxed line products.I am amazed at the difference in my hair..
My family have begun to use more botanical and all nutritive products.I truly can say I just love just
naturals.We received our shipment within days.Your company really takes pride in the way everything was
packaged.Thank you for being a company that lives up to quality...We will continue to order from you and
spread the word about how great of a product you carry.It's worth every dollar spent....

Shanita A Fayetteville NC

I love this hair product.I use it whenever I wash my hair and I truly believe it has made my hair looking healthier.I definitely credit this nutritive conditioning cleanser for keeping my hair in such good condition.I have seen a noticeable difference in the looking of my hair,it's like I don't blow dry it at all!I VERY strongly recommend this!

Sondra B Killeen TX

我不能说足够的关于这个护发素!This Conditioner is positively the best deep conditioner I have
ever tried.It is definitely worth the full price...and then some!I have long,frizzy,dry,color treated hair
and it is very difficult for me to detangle my hair after shampooing.Not to mention,my hair is so dry that,
ordinarily,I have to plaster half a bottle of conditioner to my hair to nourish the dryness.But a little of this
conditioner for relaxed hair goes a long way.It is the thickest conditioner I have ever seen,and the scent is
very pleasing.This product leaves my relaxed hair easy to detangle,amply moisturized,silky-soft,and
restores the shine.The only thing I regret is not trying this product sooner!

Tanya A Foster City CA
Why Are Our Products for Relaxed Hair So Amazing?
You want to have beautiful hair,and you want to have it relaxed.

Unfortunately,even the best relaxers for hair can cause damage.

It is important to know that relaxing has the potential to be less
damaging to your hair.

Our products for relaxed hair are made with nutritive moisturizers
that protect your hair and scalp.

These add moisture and nourishment so that you can have
smooth,silky and healthy-looking hair again.

We encourage you to take a journey and learn how using our
products for relaxed hair can improve your life.

Today you can start to stop hair
fall,breakage,dryness and more
by switching to products created just for your relaxed hair.
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Hair breakage,thinning,lack of growth,scalp irritation,damage,and
hairfallare just some of the complaints from many who experience
problems due to chemical hair relaxers.

Sodium Hydroxide is the strongest chemical used in most relaxers
because it provides dramatic,long lasting effects.

However,this is also a chemical found in drain cleaners,which goes to
show how powerful it is.

It is in products that are referred to as lye relaxers.

Guanidine Hydroxide is the chemical used in what are called no-lye

This can be misleading to some because it is a very potent chemical that can damage both hair and scalp.

Relaxers work by penetrating the inner layer of hair and loosening the nutritive curl pattern by breaking its

structure.This inner layer of the hair gives curly hair its shape while providing strength and elasticity.

The process of relaxing your hair to straighten it leaves hair weak and susceptible to breaking or further damage.
Once hair is relaxed,it is irreversible until it grows out.Relaxers should never be applied to an already damaged

hair or scalp.

A protective barrier such as a cream should always be applied to help protect the scalp so that no chemical product
comes in contact with your scalp.This will help prevent scalp burn and root damage.

If chemically straightened hair is not given special treatment,it can become dry,damaged and begin breaking.

If not nourished in time,it can lead to hair thinning and loss.Regular deep conditioning is a must.
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